Executive creative director


I have over 20 years of experience in creative department of large agencies, leading international global brands. I am known for being a multidisciplinary guy, working on practically all business models during my career: offline, branding, digital, brand experience & activation.


I’m passionate about challenges and good at setting up creative teams for business formation and expansion in a short period of time. When I think of a team, I strongly believe in diversity: people from different cultures, different genres and skills form the best equation for the best ideas. I enjoy working hands-on with all departments and I have a great experience in creating concepts that last a lifetime. This, coupled with a great experience in storytelling, makes me a good presenter of ideas.


I’m an early adopter and opinion leader when it comes to innovation. I believe in technology as a religion and I like to pay my "tithes" to startups and ideas that change people's lives in a way. Many of my works combine technology and creativity and I believe that this is the new way to communicate in the coming years.


As a screenwriter, I wrote 4 short films and I have 5 more projects under development including series, movies and a play. I have 9 awards. As a photographer, I’m a collaborator of GettyImages Brasil and Latam and 9 times awarded in the FWA. As an author, I wrote a book called "Traumas and other things that do not go out in the bath", by RSC Publisher.


My latest awards:

Silver PR Cannes Lions 2017 + 4 shortlists

Bronze Health Cannes Lions 2018 + 3 shortlists


Some clients:

Automotive  //  Mitsubishi Motors, Peugeot, Citroën

Tech Companies  //  Samsung, Sony

Telecom  //  Claro, Telefonica, NET

Foods&Drinks  //  Pepsico, Hershey’s, Gruppo Campari, Parmalat

Cosmetics  //  L’Oréal, Gillette, Jequiti

CPG  //  Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Pão de Açúcar 

Health  //  Reckitt Benckiser, Smithkline Beecham

Fashion  //  Hering, Arezzo

Financial Companies  //  Itaú, Bradesco, American Express


work experience


OFFLINE  1996-2003

Copywriter - McCann Erickson, Z+G Grey, Script Communication

I started my career in 1996 as a Copywriter at McCann Erickson Rio, working for accounts such as L'Oréal, Esso (Exxon), Gillette and MEC (Brazil Ministry of Education). I was then invited to join the team at Z+G Grey, where I worked with Smithkline Beecham, Levi’s, Furnas and CSN. After a few awards, I became part of the creative group at Script Communication, creating for Repsol, Iguatemi Shopping, Lance Daily Sports, among others.


BRANDING 2003-2004

Head of copy - GAD Design

In 2003, I left Script Communication and the “offline world” to dedicate my time to the launch of Claro, one of the main telecommunication companies in Brazil. At GAD Design, my responsibility was coordinate the naming studies and the brand’s entire communication language with the market and the consumer.


ONLINE 2004-2012

Creative Director - LOV (Dentsu Group), One Digital (Publicis Group), Fbiz (WPP Group)

In 2004, Brazil was starting its digital movement with the launch of Google in the USA. I realized that this movement would change communication forever and then I decided to move to São Paulo.

LOV (Dentsu Group) was my first entirely online agency. In addition, it was also the first time I held a leadership position of a creative team. I worked for Mitsubishi Motors, TAM Airlines, Sony Electronics and NET (the biggest Cable TV company in Brazil).

My second step was One Digital (Publicis Group). It was my first job as a Creative Director, leading a team of 20 creative guys and working for Samsung, American Express and Bradesco (one of the most powerful Financial institution in Brazil).

Then, I was invited by Fbiz and that was a great challenge. They were known for being a digital production company and our job was to turn it into an advertising agency. My first job was a pitch for Itaú (a large bank in Brazil) and the accounts of more than 15 Unilever products (Omo, Close-up, Hellman's, etc), the whole Gruppo Campari (Campari, Aperol, SKYY Vodka, etc) and Pepsico. In just 2 years, the agency was bought by the WPP group, becoming one of the largest online agencies in the country.



Creative Director - Tudo (Omnicom Group)

In 2012, I was invited to work at Tudo, an Omnicom Group agency, as a Creative Director. After a few years working with digital, I started to be very interested in the "internet of things". This wasn’t a “trend toppic” in 2012, but I wanted to make creativity and technology one single thing. A great example of this was the "Heart Bell", made for Banco Itaú during the World Cup season.


FULL SERVICE 2015-2018

Executive Creative Director - BETC (Havas Group)

2015. BETC had just opened a branch office in Brazil and I was already a fan of the work they did in France. As Creative Director, my first job was the Peugeot pitch, and after that victory and a few others, I saw the agency grow from 25 to 105 people in 1 year. My team consisted of 30 creative staff and we worked for Peugeot, Parmalat, Hering and Pão de Açúcar. A year ago, BETC joined HAVAS, becoming a single agency. I was promoted to Executive Creative Director, leading a team of about 50 creative guys and working, in addition to the previous accounts, for Citroën, Parmalat, Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo, among others.




As a photographer, I’m part of the group of collaborators of Getty Images and Getty Images Latam. I was one of the 28 selected for the exhibition "Present your Brazil" in Mube Museum and 9 times highlighted as "Photo of the Day" in FWAPHOTO.






As a writer, I published a book called "Traumas and other things that do not go in the bath" by RCS Publisher.






As a screenwriter, I wrote the short "Équilibre", "Control Pê”, “Last one flight" (winner of the International Festival of Ceará in 2013 for best screenplay) and "Satúrnica" (winner of the Best Film in Calcutta - India, Best Foreign Film in New Delhi - India, Best Foreign Film in São Luiz do Potosi - Mexico, Special Prize at San Sebastian - Mexico and Best Actress - Spain). My new movie is called “A piece of you”.




ESPM - Rio

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